Our Services

1. Higher Education

Challenging Illiteracy

"Education system in Afghanistan is in a big mess. Only the rich can get a quality education, while the poor can't even find enough money to feed themselves!"

"Proper education and training is every citizen's right. Why can't every kid in Afghanistan be given the opportunity to obtain quality education?"

SF (Shams Foundation) is dedicated to empowering women and rehabilitating the education system in Afghanistan. Our focus is accelerated Higher Education

That is why SF (Shams Foundation) offers more then 25% scholarships for talented students from their own funds of SGI every year

Therefore SGI launched chain of academic institutions by the name of SHAMS LONDON ACADEMY

Recently SF (Shams Foundation) launched Total 05 Branches

04 Branches in Kabul City

1. Khair Khana Branch

2. Taimani Branch

3. Arzaan Kemat Branch

4. Macroyan Branch

One Branch in Jalalabad

The Afghanistan first registered Academic Institution was awarded by BEST EDUCATION ACADEMY of Afghanistan from Ministry of Education.

2. Health & Care:

Beginning in 1979, military conflict destroyed the health system of Afghanistan.

Most medical professionals left the country in the 1980s and 1990s, and all medical training programs’s ceased.

In 2004 Afghanistan had one medical facility for every 27,000 people, and some centers were responsible for as many as 300,000 people.

In 2004 international organizations provided a large share of medical care.

An estimated one-quarter of the population had no access to health care

SF is consulting international professionals to launch Free & Low Cost Clinics & Dispensaries in different provinces and hiring team of volunteers to provide awareness of maternal problems to reduce the death rate of new born children and vaccination for different diseases in rural areas very soon

3. Vocational Training Program

SF starts Vocational Centers in different areas provide learning opportunities for young girls & boys in the area to promote the concept of local manufacturing

Sewing, Cutting and embroidery & Stitching classes for young generation

Computer classes provide software and hardware training for both boys and girls.

In these slum areas the youth has no other opportunities to access computers, Internet facilities will also provided.

English language classes are also held for youth. This helps in providing income generation activities

The purpose of the VTP is to increase self-sufficiency of vulnerable women to promote the socio-economic development and reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The project will work with local partners and provide holistic and integrated vocational training, literacy courses and employment assistance to the target group. The main target group is widows in Kabul benefiting from the feeding program. However, other vulnerable women and a limited number of their unemployed adult children will benefit from vocational training and employment assistance. The project will work with 2,000 widows/vulnerable women and 8,000 children/dependants (based on average of 4 children per family).

SF is providing a platform for Girls to enter the job market in Afghanistan in the private sector, with non-profits organizations, or in government offices. These girls are currently enrolled in chain of schools named SHAMS LONDON ACADEMY run by the SGI (SHAMS GROUP INTERNATIONAL), who will administer this critical training to prepare girls to be successful, working women.

The funds are used to build the capacity of SF in order to arrange the Vocational Training for Girls Project to be developed and instituted within the schools' curriculum. Additional teachers, books, and computers will be needed to support the vocational curriculum. The Vocational Training for Girls Project will advance women's empowerment, women's rights, and gender equality by training girls to enter the job market with the current skills needed to compete in the modern economy such as IT, finance, Management and English language


Graduates of the Vocational Training for Girls Project will be educated women who are likely to influence business, social services, and governmental policy in the near future.

These female students between grade 9 to 12 from different districts of Kabul are provided with vocational training in office management, basic knowledge of accounting, computer, and higher level of English language (all SF students study English from first grade.)

This training will enable the students to have a choice after their graduation from the 12th grade. They will have the option of going to the university, if they pass the entrance exam.

In many cases, students will be unable to continue their studies post-graduation. This is why our students will be prepared with basic business skills after the 9th grade, to prepare them to work in governmental agencies, NGOs or the private sector. Computer skills and IT training will be offered, as these skills are crucial in today's marketplace. Public administration will prepare students to work in a governmental setting.

Instruction in creating a CV and preparing for job interviews will give our students an edge in gaining employment. Basic accounting skills can be used in any business setting or for self-employment. English language training will allow students to work for international companies or government offices. SF is focused on providing the skills which young Afghans need to meet the demands of today's economy

4. Self Employment Program:

As being a part of Global business SGI also producing home decorating products for export with raw materials made in Afghanistan, SF would like to create a sustainable economic program for Afghan families in the villages. The goal of the program is poverty reduction and promotion of sustainable livelihood.

As part of its mandate, SF would like to contribute to the country's economic development through training and sustainable employment. With this program, SF will be enabling Afghan communities to produce export and domestic quality goods, providing Afghan families with basic tools on how to operate a business, as well as leadership and literacy training.

This program will train and educate 60 Afghan families to become business owners within six months. Most of the trainees will be unemployed villagers and returnees from Pakistan and Iran who have at least five to nine children. This program will benefit over 360 Afghans during 6 months

This training can also be used as a pilot project for other NGOs to participate in support of the private sector which in turn will bring overall sustainable economic growth, and stability for the country.

SF will be using this project as a pilot project to assist in sustainable economic development in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.